Maison PETIT
Dining at home? Mike Chef’s.

We hand over our top chef Mike to everyone (in Rotterdam and close surroundings) who has a workable homekitchen and use it to convert houses (and gardens) into a corona-proof private restaurant.

Mike chef’s an unforgettable gastronomic experience in your own environment and relieves you through his role as innkeeper, storyteller, “busboy & vaisselier” but above all chef & sommelier.
Watch, cook and taste, but nothing is mandatory and everything is allowed!

There are various menu options: a carte blanche (… our lobster-duck liver burger, just saying …) a menu in consultation – paired with, for example, your favorite wine that has been ready to be drunk for a long time, or choose a four- to seven-course menu with the best of our PETIT POSSE menu. The menu options can be found at the bottom of the page.
We understand that it is sometimes nice to eat completely vegetarian food, everything is possible! We have an aphrodisiac and complementary range of drinks, but if you prefer to provide it yourself, that is also possible.

From € 150, – Mike comes to your home – depending on the size of the menu there is a supplement per person.

4-course menu €37,50
5-course menu €45,00
6-course menu €52,50
7-course menu €60,00

The price of the tailor-made menus depends on the size and availability.

How does it work? Book our chef Mike at least 3 days in advance.

To fix the date, we charge a rate of € 150,00 the payment request for this is included in the confirmation email. After payment, the reservation is final. We will contact you as soon as possible and arrange a complete kitchen take-over!

To let you know “Who’s Cookin’ “, check HERE the introduction to the Mike.






menu suggestions

to reduce your stress levels you can choose from the menu’s below
or we can create a dedicated menu at your taste.

menu 1 maison petit

maison petit posse